Password Removal

Password removal for most windows based operating systems is available.

All customers requesting password resets or removal on any platform must provide declaration of ownership or express permission from the owner of the device before any work can be done on the device.

Accessing a restricted computer not owned by the customer and/or without the consent of the computer's controller is a serious crime which carries the penalty of two, five or 10 years maximum term of imprisonment.

The Queensland law is defined as the following:

The Queensland law introduced in 1997 uses the heading 'computer hacking and misuse' but the offence is defined as the use of a restricted computer without the consent of the computer's controller.
A restricted computer is defined as one that requires a 'device, code or sequence of electronic impulses' to gain access.
There is a penalty scale of two, five or 10 years maximum term of imprisonment depending on whether (1) an offender simply uses a computer, (2) causes detriment or damage, or gains or intends to gain a benefit, or (3) the detriment, damage or gain is valued at more than $5,000.
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